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Learning Japanese in Brisbane


Learning Japanese in Brisbane

Now that I am back in the Japanese learning mode I thought I would have a look at what schools are around to learn Japanese in Brisbane.

Well not much has changed it seems. There are still only 2 full time school options to learn Japanese Brisbane:

Japanese Chinese Language Academy

JCLA was previously JIC - well basically JIC closed and JCLA opened in its place with same staff... not sure what happened but JIC in Melbourne said that they closed the Brisbane office.

UQ - Institute of Modern Languages

University of Queensland's Institude of Modern Languages offers Japanese language classes for a range of levels. Most of them required 2 classes a week.

The other options vary from private tuition to Kumon. Yes Kumon Japanese is in Brisbane. It is only offered at Toowong. The teacher is Japanese however it seems tha they do not have any adults. I joined for 1 month around a year ago, however the teacher wasn't that interested and didn't even give me the basic run down on what to do. I researched online to see how it works, otherwise it would have been a total waste of time.

Oh I forgot - the other way your could still learn is getting a Japanese girlfriend or boyfriend. Fat Luis is still a good place to try! And don't forget to go to the rai-ji... plenty of Japanese guys and girls to meet at those!

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Learning Japanese is like an adventure that just keeps on going. Just when you thought you were pretty good at speaking Japanese you realise you aren't that good after all!

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