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Studying for the 2009 JLPT Test

Ok... so we are 3 months out from the Japanese Language Proficiency Test 2009... I have registered for the JLPT test this year and will be taking it at Griffith University here in Brisbane.

As usual I start looking around for resources which I can use to help me pass the test. Most of us know how hard the tests are and we need as much help as we can to get through it.

I recently found Japanese Proficiency Power which aims to help with Level 3 and Level 4. They give you previous examinations questions as well as reference lists etc - but the best thing is that they walk you through, via videos, answering the questions - over 6 hours of material! This is the best part. They also have kanji lists and practice tests as well. So overall it is a pretty good package.

Rather than just working off practice tests you should really take a look at Japanese Proficiency Power to help you with your JLPT Level 3 or 4 test for 2009!

Link: Japanese Proficiency Power - Ace the Japanese Language Proficiency Test - for Levels 3 and 4.


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Resources for learning Japanese

With all the different options out there for learning Japanese I thought I would spotlight a few e-book and on-line methods available today.

As with any subject there are a variety of ways you can choose to learn. With the internet becoming almost a necessity in daily life it is great to see the amount of options you have now for learning online.

I have listed below a few options which look like they might be worth trying. Some of the good things with these packages is that some of them include software to help you with hiragana, katakana, and kanji. I have purchased software like this before to help me learn and it was great!

Click on the link to read more details about the options.

Link: Nihongo Japanese Lessons - this one has video, audio, worksheets, online test - really a very good overall Japanese language learning package that is reasonably priced.

Link: Rocket Japanese Premium: Learn Japanese like a Rocket! - fully comprehensive package including its own custom software!


Importing a car from Japan

I guess one of those things that people can use their Japanese language skills for is to import a car from Japan.

I myself have imported a Fairlady Z (300ZX) from Japan. I did it the hard way though, doing it all myself. It was a tough time and it ended up costing me more money and time than I would have liked. There is a lot of things to work when you try and import a car from Japan.

Anyway, if you are keen to get a Japanese Import such as a Supra, RX7, Lancer EVO, Skyline, it might be worth actually purchasing a guide on how to do it - rather than trying to do it all by yourself.

I found a guide recently on the net that might be worth a look. Check it out if you have time.

Link: How to Import a Car From Japan


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JLPT 2009

The dates for the 2009 Japanese Language Proficiency Test are now available.

JLPT Level 1 and 2 = 5th July 2009

  • Applications for July are able to be submitted between March 27th and May 1st 2009.

JLPT Level 1,2,3,4 = 6th December 2009

  • Application for December must be submitted between August 28th and October 2nd 2009 if you are in Japan.
  • Australian applications are between 27th July and 28th August 2009.

Those of you in Japan can find information at the following link - http://www.jees.or.jp/jlpt/en/index.htm

Those of you in Brisbane, Australia can find information at the following link - http://www.griffith.edu.au/arts-languages-criminology/school-languages-linguistics/news-events

Good luck to those of you who are planning to undertake the test!!


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QUT, UQ and GU form alliance for asian and european languages

Some interesting news out of Queensland Universities for those who are studying or planning to study Japanese at University in Brisbane...

QUT, the University of Queensland (UQ) and Griffith University have formed an Australian-first alliance to expand higher learning in a range of Asian and European languages. This alliance has been approved and funded by the Australian Government in the interests of promoting foreign language study and to remove uncertainty over the ongoing viability of many of the existing language programs in these Universities.

Under the alliance, the Universities will pool teaching resources to offer a greater range of languages to students. Students will be able to enrol cross-institutionally in language units at any of the three Universities, allowing them to major in Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian or Spanish. None of the Universities in the alliance currently offers this range of languages and students will ultimately benefit from the wider choice that will become available to them.

All Universities in the alliance are committed to minimising the impact of this on current students. We are collaborating on streamlining the cross-institutional enrolment process and will continue to improve this into the future. The Universities also appreciate that students have already made enrolment choices for 2009 so every effort has been made to ensure that student choice is not restricted.

What does this mean for study?

Those of you who are studying at QUT and UQ, you will now complete the first 4 Japanese language units at QUT Gardens Point Campus and then all advanced units will be studied at UQ St Lucia campus.

This is going to make life tough for those who study in the evenings at QUT as UQ may not offer evening classes and also for both university students there will now be additional travel.

Units studied at QUT
QUT code shown first
HHB081 Japanese 1 = JAPN1011 Introductory Japanese 1
HHB082 Japanese 2 = JAPN3001 Intermediate Japanese 2
HHB083 Japanese 3 = JAPN2101 Intermediate Japanese 1
HHB084 Japanese 4 = JAPN3001 Intermediate Japanese 2

Units studied at UQ
UQ code shown first
JAPN3101 Continuing Japanese 3 = HHB085 Japanese 5
JAPN3102 Continuing Japanese 4 = HHB086 Japanese 6

JAPN3200 Multimedia Japanese, or
JAPN3240 Modern Literary Texts, or
JAPN3210 Polite Japanese Written & Spoken Styles, or
JAPN3120 Business Japanese 1

QUT offers HHB087 Japanese 7 instead of the above 4

JAPN3500 Language and Society in Japan
JAPN3280 Japanese Language Teaching
LTCS2006 Japanese Popular Culture

QUT offers HHB088 Japanese 8 instead of the above 3


Learning Japanese is like an adventure that just keeps on going. Just when you thought you were pretty good at speaking Japanese you realise you aren't that good after all!

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